The EU Blue Card for Germany

The Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals that can be obtained if they receive a certain wage level, which will allow them to work and live in an EU country. To get a Blue Card in Germany, you can apply via registering a company or find work in Germany.

Obtain the Blue Card as a qualified professional newcomer in Germany

In order to receive a Blue Card via this method, you must have a job offer or apply for a job seeker visa and start working in Germany. With the job seeker method, you can search for your desired job position in Germany for six months, and after finding the right job, you can get a German work visa easily. It should be noted that with the method of obtaining the Blue Card through work, the necessary condition is that your salary is higher than the average salary in your field of study, which often means higher than 3.600 euros monthly.

Obtain the Blue Card via company registration in Germany

Applying via this method, you have to have about € 100.000 of financial ability. Just proving this asset is sufficient and there is no need to spend it entirely on the process of registering the company. The cost of registering a company in Germany is between three to four thousand euros, being required an initial capital of approx. € 25.000. Also, by registering a company (creating a legal entity), it is possible to hire your spouse and/or relatives willing to apply for Blue Card. By budgeting the minimum necessary salary required for the Blue Card (3.600 Euros), it could be possible for the family members to receive the Blue Card easily. It should be noted that currently, it is not possible for Iranians to open an account in Germany, so registering a company requires submitting a strong business plan to ensure your success properly.

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