Costs of relocation to Germany

The 62nd largest country in the world, the 19th largest in terms of population (83 million inhabitants), the fourth largest in terms of GDP and the third-largest exporter in the world, Germany has 16 states and timewise, it’s only two and a half hours behind Iran. Germany is known mainly for its rich and unique history, safe and distinctive cars, tuition-free university system and high standards of living, but how much does it cost to relocate to Germany?

First of all, you need to know that the cost of immigrating to Germany varies greatly depending on your chosen way of immigration and your eductaional and professional background. The main methods of immigration to Germany, which we have discussed in another article, include migration through work, study, investment and company registration, marriage, birth, and asylum. We aim here to examine the cost of migration through these methods.

The cost of immigration through work

By means of this method, it is possible to immigrate through a job-seeker visa or by having a job offer in Germany. In terms of the cost of immigration, it is necessary to prove the financial support equivalent to ten thousand euros availbable in the applicant’s account. You should also know that when applying for a job seeker visa, you must have the necessary financial support to live in Germany for 6 months. In general, relatively low costs are required to migrate through this method.

The cost of immigration for study

To study in Germany (higher education), you can apply for admission to various universities, for example universities of applied sciences, or art and music colleges.

In Germany, tuition at German public universities is free of charge, in which case you only pay the university registration fee. Studying at a private university you will be charged and the average costs for studying are about 15.000 euros per year.

The cost of immigration through investment

To immigrate through investment method, you must have a strong business plan for your business and you need an initial capital of € 25,000 to register your company in Germany.

The cost of immigration through marriage

By marrying a German citizen, you can also migrate to Germany. Important is that the german citizen needs to prove the availability of the financial support needed for himself/herself and the spouse.

The cost of obtaining German citizenship by birth

Applying by this method you must be fully aware of the conditions for obtaining German citizenship by birth. Obtaining citizenship by birth in Germany is based on the rule of blood. According to this rule, if a child has a German mother or father born in Germany or abroad, he or she will receive German citizenship. You should also be aware that people born on or after January 1, 2000, will be granted citizenship if they meet the following two conditions:
Parents have a permanent residence permit.
Keep the residence in Germany for eight years.

The cost of immigrating to Germany through asylum

Immigrating to Germany through asylum is not recommended at all. It may put in danger both, your life and your savings. Therefore, we do not recommend and support this method.

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