About Us

We are well aware of how important is a reliable support when making a change towards our goals. This is why we invested years of experience and professional training, to offer all our customers excellent consulting services for residency, immigration, company registration, investment, and legal and tax affairs. And everything, in no time.

Our mission is to pave the way for you to achieve your most valuable goals in Germany. To support you in reaching your goals, we listen carefully and focus on the realistic steps in implementing your strategy and it’s execution.

We, at Farahani Consulting Services, strongly believe in this one more thing that we are willing to establish from the very beginning and to keep it through the entire collaboration: Trust.

Our customers goal is our starting point and from here we deliver commited and supportive services. Thanks to the trust and confidence our clients gave to us, we always go beyond and made “going extra mile” as a standard for our services.

Our Values

We deeply believe in the fundamental values ​​below.

  • Provide clear and systematic approach to execution of our services, in a fast manner.
  • Obsessive attention to delivery and a focus on what really counts to the client. Delivering beyond expectations.
  • Offer expertise from knowledgeable, experienced consultants and immigration professionals
  • Deconstruct bureaucratic processes and communicate in a friendly and empathetic way with our clients
  • Transparency and explicitness of our consulting services, through full documentation of legal and regulatory matters

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