About Us

We are well aware of the value of counseling services for your immigration to Germany, and with years of experience and professional training, we provide our counseling services for your residency, immigration, company registration, investment, and legal and tax affairs in the shortest possible time.

Our main mission is to pave the way for your migration to Germany to achieve your valuable goals, and for this purpose, we use the most effective analytical tools in providing consulting services. With up-to-date knowledge and specialized skills, we guarantee the purpose of Farahani’s counseling services

We believe that the purpose of Farahani Consulting Services is to ensure your success by taking advantage of these services, and therefore we will always strive to strengthen our positive and constructive relationship with our customers.

The ceiling of customers goals is a constant starting point for providing Farahani consulting services. Thanks to the trust and credibility we have borrowed from our customers, we always go beyond that and put a smile of satisfaction on their lips.

Our Values

We deeply believe in the fundamental values ​​below.

  • Provide the „most effective“ counseling services in the shortest time and with the best results
  • Understanding the exact coordinates of each custome
  • Benefit from the latest level of specialized knowledge and skills
  • Establish constructive communication with customers to provide immigration services
  • Transparency and explicitness in providing consulting services through full documentation of legal and regulatory matters
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